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my butterfly in jar

my butterfly in jar

Ref: my butterfly

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“Robobutterfly” may not have quite the same coolness factor as words like Robocop, Robowrestler, or even Robogecko. The fact is, however, you can now buy your own flying mechanical butterfly, and it looks pretty impressive. Marketed in Japan as the ChouChou Electric Butterfly, the fluttering electric bug-in-a-mason-jar was unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show 2010

To activate the ChouChou, you tap the top of its jar. The butterfly then proceeds to flutter around in a seemingly random fashion, even stopping for very realistic-looking wing-heaving breaks before continuing to attempt escape from its transparent prison. Although the manufacturer isn’t volunteering an explanation of just how the thing works, online retailer Firebox has noted that the lid takes two AA batteries, and a thin wire extends down into the jar. The flying action is indeed quite lifelike

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