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UFO ****

UFO  ****

Ref: UFO

Latest Huzzle Hanayama puzzle!

Hanayama Difficulty Level 4 - A significant challenge.

Your mission is to remove the globe from within the classic UFO shape and then put it back again. You'll need all the logic and inspiration you can find to do it. You'll also need steady hands because the globe is not a single piece. It's 4 pieces. And it moves around inside the out ring of the UFO. It might not look like it but at the end you will have 6 pieces to put back together. Quite a handful.

Do you believe in UFO's? You want to believe in them don't you? But you need the phenomenon proved to you first don't you? So here's your chance! Solve the puzzle and you'll know for sure UFO's really do exist!

This amazing UFO enigma was invented by Finnish designer Vesa Timonen. Vesa has designed a number of puzzles for Hanayama over the years and his trademark is a deceptively simple design to achieve a surprisingly difficult puzzle.

One of the Hagaru series packaged as Huzzle this puzzle was released in Japan by Hanayama in February 2019. We have managed to secure advance stocks of this one. It's due to be released outside Japan in mid 2019. The Hagaru series are puzzles made for serious puzzlers. The mission is separate and then return to the original state.

Size: The UFO puzzle is 50mm in diameter and made from high quality cast metal. The box is 75mm x 115mm x 45mm

Price: 8.45 / 9.30

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