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Ref: Love preorder

Hanayama Cast Huzzle (Puzzle) Cast LOVE expected October 2020

Difficulty Level 1

Gold and silver, two pieces that make a smooth intertwined shape.

It is a three-dimensional puzzle that is assembled into a heart shape in which two pieces, gold and silver, are beautifully intertwined. The two pieces are the same type. In other words, if you have 2 sets of this "offset cast love", you can make a gold heart or a silver heart.

Designed by American puzzle writer Scott Elliott. He is also the designer of "Cool Cast Diamonds". The idea of ??"Cool Cast Love" was inspired by a club-type puzzle he originally designed.
ces of the same shape while being level 1.

The two pieces are the same type, and you can make a gold heart or a silver heart with two sets.

Price: 8.25 / 9.08

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