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Da Vinci cryptex

Da Vinci cryptex

Ref: davinci1

You are looking at a 3d printed number Crypex puzzle, a great way to store secret items, cash, scrolls, vouchers, birthday presents, Christmas presents, use for escape rooms, burying in the garden, or anything you don't want someone else getting to!

This item is custom 3d printed and hand finished and is a high quality item taking over 20 hours to produce the 7 number version.

instructions how to change the number password included

Important Dimensions are the internal storage container part, these are for 5 number cryptex: 5.3cm x 2.7cm, 6 number: 6.3cm x 2.7cm, 7 number 7.3cm x 2.7cm

Price: 24.75 / 29.45

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